Our Services

Primary teams will be guided through the process of adopting an integrated care model that fits the needs of each physician’s practice.  Current evidence-based protocols stand out as effective and efficient in delivering improved outcomes for a population of patients with behavioral health disorders seen in primary care settings.

See “Report on Dissemination of Integrated Care within Adult Primary Care Settings, The Collaborative Care Model.”

Best practices will be integrated into all aspects of care in the acute hospital setting, beginning with the emergency department and routine admission process and continuing throughout the patient’s stay and discharge. Our team will also oversee and assist with feasibility studies for new behavioral health services, behavioral health program development, and start-ups.

See “Behavioral Health Integration in Acute Medical Settings: An Opportunity to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs”

We offer guidance to acute care hospital emergency departments, stand-alone emergency departments, and urgent care clinics in the bidding process, as well as in the contractual relationships required to obtain outside assistance with mobile assessments. In addition, our experience provides immense help in determining if mobile services would be better handled internally or outsourced. Once a direction is chosen, we can then greatly simplify the transfer process.
Before launching a behavioral health project, it is wise to conduct an analysis to ensure the need exists and the project is feasible. We provide that critical analysis needed to make an informed decision.
We participate in grant committees with an emphasis on directing the grant response toward meeting the needs of the project, thus providing a greater chance of being awarded the grant.
We assist community providers in connecting their patients with the resources necessary to meet their behavioral health needs. Our one-on-one relationships built over the years with resources and providers in our network give us the directional edge.
Our services are available to all types of providers in the development of new behavioral programs from the original idea to implementation of the program – a vital service since many organizations lack the executive manpower that a start-up requires. In addition, we write business development plans for new or existing programs that provide behavioral and substance use services at all levels of care.
Lastly, we will train community liaisons working in the psychiatric hospital, home health, or long-term care industries. Referral development is the goal of training and can be accomplished in person or by phone.

The STACIE Helps team has the experience to consult on a multitude of behavioral health projects.  Please call for a no-cost consultation.