Military Behavioral Health

The website of the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder houses a library of information designed to help veterans and providers better understand combat trauma and those who are exposed to it. The Department of Defense, the Veterans Health Administration, private behavioral health providers, social service agencies that serve veterans, veterans’ centers, and local government entities are among those seeking to serve our combat service members, veterans, and those who love them.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience in the professional relations, program development, and operations necessary to assist your organization in the provision of excellent military combat-related care. We will help you formulate effective plans for outreach, operations, and treatment protocols, as well as assist you in facilitating a successful project with outstanding outcomes. We have solid and proven experience with evidence-based approaches.

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A Success Story

An inpatient military program pioneered by Stacie York spanned the most intense combat operations from 2006-2012. The program combined the best of military and civilian operations, such that patients felt both the safety of a familiar military environment and the strong commitment of civilian providers. The military behavioral health department clinicians and command personnel became true partners with the civilian military program team, providing powerful and effective results. Five-thousand of the most acutely affected military patients were treated at six locations across the United States. Stacie visited eighty military installations, and one hundred and twenty-four installations referred patients into the program.

During the Program

Stacie traveled monthly with author, entrepreneur, and NFL star Herschel Walker. Herschel shared his personal story of dealing with a trauma-related illness with thousands of troops and their families. Stacie organized the visits and worked with the installation’s protocol office to insure a smooth visit that brightened many dark days for service members. Stacie and Herschel visited all installations in Alaska during the month of February, intentionally enduring the same conditions as the troops.

In 2012, a large company acquired the program. Stacie assisted in the merger of two military programs and fifteen primary locations. The new company adopted the program’s standards with few changes.

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